How does weather impact how green your Christmas tree is? Here's the answer:

How does weather impact how green your Christmas tree is? Here's the answer:

HARRISBURG, Pa – The holidays are right around the corner and local farmers are preparing for customers looking for a fresh and full Christmas Tree. It turns out a long stretch of warm and dry weather could threaten Christmas Trees.

Tim Langford maintains all these trees throughout the year. From mowing the grass around the trees to keeping shaping them. If you notice some trees are fuller than others. This changing the overall quality and price of the tree.

"Too much heat, the needles will start to turn yellow and then they will get something called needle cast," said Langford.

This disease is caused by a fungus and strips the tree of its deep green color.

"The other issue is if it's too wet the roots will get wet, it's called having wet feet, and then the tree will start to die eventually and turn completely brown and then it's done for,” said Landford. "I think sometimes some of them get hit by deer early on when their younger, the Bucks rub up against them, that's one thing, sometimes it's that one plot of ground that nothing wants to grow there."

It all comes down to what you prefer, so pick the tree that fits best. It's a tradition where you can be close to nature and close to your family.

"Make memories, take pictures, you can keep coming back every year,” said Lanford.

The most popular Christmas Trees in recent years have been Douglas and Fraser Firs.

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