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What time do you wake up? That is the question that Michael hears most often when he tells people he works as the morning reporter for CBS21 News This Morning. Despite his 1:30 a.m. wake up call, morning news is his passion. The funniest part, he doesn't consider himself a morning person, just ask his family when they wake him up early on weekends.

Still, he jumped on board the CBS21 News morning train back in February of 2014 and has enjoyed waking up the Harrisburg region with his friends Sherry Christian, Al Gnoza, Steve Knight and Sara Small.

It's always interesting to see how your career life unfolds. Harrisburg was supposed to be a 2-year stop on Michael's journey through the television world. Nearly 9 years later, he has made roots here, added two more children to his family and has grown to love everything Central Pennsylvania has to offer.

Michael's career began, what seems like an eternity ago, just down the road in Baltimore. After graduating from American University in Washington, DC in 2001, he scored a job as an assignment editor (behind the camera) at WMAR-TV. His 18 months at WMAR and the following 3 and half years at WJLA-TV in DC, also as an assignment editor, laid a great foundation for his on-air career ahead.

From the time Michael was a small child, he had always imagined delivering the news to the public. So, he made the crazy jump to the frantic, exciting, sometimes cold and snowy, world of reporting. His first TV gig brought him to Charlottesville, Virginia. The Charlottesville Newsplex was a great starting point and he loved his two years in Cavalier Country.

Then, in 2007, he scored a big move to Central Pennsylvania where he spent over six years at a competing station here in town (we won't mention their name) before making his move to CBS21.

When not working, you know, closer to sunset then sunrise, he is probably hanging out with his three kids, Kaylee (10), Avery (7) and Sebastian (4), playing golf, officiating college and high school soccer games or running. With the remaining 12 minutes in his day, he tries to spend time with his lovely wife Jamie. They are not high school sweethearts, in fact, they are middle school sweethearts, dating since the 7th grade!

If nothing else, he hopes what you see is what you get on TV. Michael loves his job and finds great pride in learning new things and telling a good story. So, if you can teach him something or have a memorable moment you want him to tell, shoot Michael a line at mdgorsegner@sbgtv.com. See you on TV!