NFL analyst Tucker is everywhere; yet doesn't need to go anywhere

CBS 21

He's online. He's on video. He's on the radio.

But what most people don't realize about national football analyst Ross Tucker is he's doing nearly all of it from Harrisburg, without leaving his own driveway.

The former NFL lineman's office above the garage is his sanctuary for radio shows, podcasts, videos and columns.

"If you ask my friends, they would tell you that if there's anyone in the world who should have a job that combines football and talking, it's me," Tucker said.

He gets up at 4 a.m. to exercise, then has a radio show two hours later. Luckily for him, it's only a few steps away.

Other mornings it's lights, camera, reaction to the biggest stories -- right from his desk. Tucker is often cranking out columns, but don't forget the podcasts.

"Nine podcasts a week," Tucker said.

As a football player, Tucker was a journeyman. But covering it, he's a happy homebody.

"I'm sitting here with my slippers and shorts on every day and and this is pretty much as good as it gets," Tucker said.

Tucker, a Reading native, certainly keeps busy between the Ross Tucker Football Podcast on Sirius XM NFL Radio, doing videos for Sporting News and writing for Sports on Earth.

He does, however, leave the garage to call football games in person for Westwood One Radio and NBC Sports Network.

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