After fiery wreck, Waters 'thankful' on road to recovery


A local sprint car driver is not only thanking his lucky stars, he also thanking the entire racing world.

Jake Waters, of Mifflintown, Juniata County, is still recovering from burns suffered during a fiery crash on July 3 at Selinsgrove Speedway.

Waters is especially thankful for the support of the racing community, which donated roughly $50,000 to his recovery fund.

"I can't say thank you enough," said Waters in his first television interview, with CBS 21 Sports Director Jason Bristol. "People (who contributed money) I've never met; from California, Washington, Kansas. Its a huge, huge family.

"And again, thank is not enough."

His skin and grafts are healing and doctors believe he'll feel and look better in about a year.

Will he race again?

"I at least want to try it one more time," Waters said. "Just for the fear factor; (once) its done, Its over with and I can move on from there. But we'll see about it this time next year."

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