Sixteen teams battle it out in Little League World Series


The Little League World Series is officially underway in South Williamsport.

On Thursday morning the 16 teams taking part in the contest marched onto the field at Volunteer Stadium.

And for many of the teams there was no rest, as 4 out of the 8 initial games in this double elimination tournament are being held Thursday.

We talked to members of the Canadian team as they did batting practice after the 11 am opening ceremony

"It was really cool all the fans from each team and getting to see each team in their full uniform it was pretty awesome," said Mateo Manzi, 13 of Vancouver.

"Who do you think is going to win? Absolutely I have absolutely no idea winning is kind of the last thing on our minds just being here is the experience," said Elisa Peterson, parent of little league player.

Coaches say there are also consolation games so all the teams should be able to play a few games during their time at the Little League World Series.

In the first game of the day Latin America beat Mexico, 4-1.

A first of its kind Major League Baseball game will be held for the Little Leaguers on Sunday between the Pirates and Cardinals. And the series wraps up the following Sunday.

*** Note: Article has been corrected to state 16 teams are playing in the Little League World Series. A previous version erroneously stated 14 teams would play in the series.

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