Field of Dreams actor visits Central Pennsylvania

Field of Dreams actor visits Central Pennsylvania

"If you build it, he will come."

That famous line from 1989's "Field of Dreams" still takes movie lovers and baseball fans back to that iconic film.

On Friday night, they had a special chance to share some time with an actor from the movie.

CBS21 Sports Director Joel D. Smith met with Dwier Brown.

Brown still tours with his dad's old glove from the time period depicted in the film.

He played John Kinsella, the father of Kevin Costner's character who's looking to get one more game of catch with his dad to find closure.

Ironically, Dwier's own father died only about a month before filming.

"So I guess I feel like it's my penance or a way to stay in touch with my Dad to listen to other people's stories. I'm not Kevin Costner, I don't get recognized everywhere I go, If somebody's seen that movie and have issues with their Dad, somehow they can make my face into their fathers and I hear these stories."

The book he wrote is about the challenges they faced while shooting Field of Dreams and the conversations he's had with fans over the years.

For example, the corn wouldn't grow then it grew too high, too fast.

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