Toigo Farms: A deliciously organic partner of F&M Trust

Toigo Farms and F&M Trust have partnered up tp bring you the freshest and healthiest ingredients around.{ }

F&M Trust is proud to be a part of the continued growth and success of many Central Pennsylvania businesses. One of F&M Trust’s featured business partners is Toigo Farms, a 100% organic farm owned by Mark Toigo.

Toigo Farms is always looking for the next best profile in flavor. The farm is currently growing a tomato on the vine, called “Clustered Tomato.” That single fruit makes up about 80 percent of the farm’s current crop.

Toigo Farms prides itself on giving the customer a good eating experience. The farm’s main goal is to deliver a quality product. They went to great lengths to have an adaptive use building, something that would demonstrate the ability of modern agriculture that reuses so many valuable resources. Everybody who works at Toigo Farms is proud to be growing in an all organic environment. To the employees, this lifestyle is about a making healthier eating choices and working in a healthier work environment. Ultimately, it’s about creating and living in a healthier environment. They are extremely excited about the partnership with F&M Trust, who see and understand their vision and make everything financially possible.

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