Making fitness more than a resolution

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It’s a new year and time for a new you. The momentum that comes with the start of a new year can be empowering, and offer energy for some serious life-changing habits that can propel you toward total body wellness. Use these tips to launch healthy lifestyle habits for a better year and a better you.

Decide why having a healthy lifestyle is important to you

Fitness transforms lives. How, specifically, do you want it to transform yours?

Working towards fitness can establish balance of body and mind. Healthy lifestyles achieve a balance with muscular strength, physical endurance, nutrition, flexibility and rest. The result of these adaptations and adjustments is a healthier, more vibrant life. Total body wellness goals and treatment protocols help you reach your best you, both inside and out.

Keep your body moving

How important is exercise for your health? The American Heart Association tells us that regular physical activity can both improve our quality of life and lengthen it. They recommend around 150 minutes of exercise each week. Are you meeting that recommendation? Exercise can speed up your circulation and the amount of nutrients your muscles and tissues receive daily. It can also help boost your mood, confidence, appearance and more.

Going for a walk on your lunch break, taking the stairs, learning a sport, or doing some push-ups at home are good ways to help keep your body moving if you find yourself pressed for time.

Practice good nutrition for total body wellness

It’s no secret that eating healthy makes you feel better, look better and allows your body to do more. It is easy for us to fall into nutritional ruts and routines that aren’t incorporating the necessary variety we need. The United States government updates dietary guidelines every few years to ensure that their recommendations match the most current research and health science data. Poor diets that lack the nutrients the body needs to function properly can trigger unwanted health issues and conditions. The dietary guidelines focus on making half of your plate fruits and vegetables and half grains and whole grains. They also suggest drinking and eating less sodium (especially through soda), saturated fats, added sugars and to vary your protein routine.

Prevent early disease and medical problems

Regular physical activity helps prevent several chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, depression, osteoporosis and premature death, according to the National Institute of Health. Fatigue, anxiety, digestive issues, premature aging and disease are all related to your diet and your intake of the proper ratios of vital nutrients. Many adults are deficient of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium and iron — vital nutrients for optimum health and wellness. Diets high in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium can also sabotage your health. Committing to a proper diet and healthy lifestyle habits is essential for total body wellness.

Take inventory on how well you are doing and feeling, as well as your physical activity and vitamin intake. Making small choices that help prevent medical problems now could help you achieve the health you want in the future.

Join a gym community

There are many advantages to joining a gym community to help you reach your goals. Some advantages are more obvious than others. Stand-out reasons for gym membership are the professional trainers, programs and equipment you can use to boost your fitness.

Gym facilities offer you targeted help like:

• Functional training for strength

• Sports specific strength training

• Changes in body composition, weight loss and toning

• Core development

• Nutritional counseling

But some of the more subtle, but most powerful, success tools gym membership equips you with are the people who become your gym family. Participating in a gym where members and instructors know you by name makes going to the gym fun and enticing. Having people who hold you accountable, encourage you when you hit plateaus and who help you achieve higher levels of fitness and wellness you didn’t know you could reach can be vital to any fitness regimen.

Define your goals for the new year

What is it that you want this year? Is there an area of your body that just doesn't feel right? Are you suffering from a lack of energy, reduced mobility, joint pain, muscular stiffness or inflammation? Do you want to live with more vitality and boost your current athletic performance? Maybe you have weight loss goals to help you obtain (and maintain) a healthy BMI. Whatever your goals may be, partnering with a dedicated team of specialists and health enthusiasts will help you get there.

Harness all the energy a new year brings and invest it in yourself. Let our experienced Harrisburg personal trainers at Progress Fitness give you the guidance you need to achieve your goals. Discover your best you yet.