In 2018, live your best retirement your way

Retirement life should be both easy and invigorating. Start living yours the right way, today.

As a retiree or senior society member, maybe you aren’t planning on burning the midnight oil to ring in the new year on Dec. 31. Still, that doesn’t mean your spark of renewal for a new year need be dimmed. Brighten your new year by embarking on a new adventure that revamps your lifestyle.

Retirement life should be both easy and invigorating. Exercise your freedom to live where and how you like by joining the vitality and engagement a retirement community can offer you.

Living your best retirement your way

Throughout your life, you have traversed storied paths and accomplished impossible feats. As you look toward the future, what lifestyle have you imagined for yourself? Whether you are active and social or quiet and introspective, retirement communities can give you what you need to stay connected, protected and healthy during one of the best seasons of your life. Living alone fosters an isolation that isn’t healthy, regardless of your age. Retirement living can give you important connections to support you in this new chapter of life.

Creating the retirement lifestyle you desire

Retirement communities offer you opportunities to make friends, share meals and engage with one another. To the more introverted, this may sound like more than you desire, but retirement communities allow you to choose the level of engagement you require while respecting your privacy and lifestyle. Retirement communities allow you to surround yourself with people and amenities that meet your needs and fulfill your desires to support wellness of mind, body and spirit. Retain your proximity to family, friends, church and medical providers while benefiting from gourmet food and an array of things to do.

Resort-like amenities for those who are active and on the go

Throughout much of our lives, our freedom to live where and how we like is shackled to our work or family responsibilities. Retirees enjoy a level of freedom that is unavailable to most of the younger population. Take that freedom and enjoy the resort-like amenities that retirement communities offer you. Forget the hassle of yard work and grocery shopping. Retirement communities handle all of that for you. Residents are also offered both on-site and local entertainment and activities from visiting musicians and performers to day trips and outings.

To retire doesn’t mean you have to retreat

A 2015 study, conducted by Merrill Lynch, showed that today’s retirees have both the time and desire to revitalize their connections with their communities. They are rediscovering new and lost relationships, enlisting in work, volunteer and cultural activities, attending museums and libraries and enrolling in classes at community colleges. Embrace this new beginning with a rich exploration of yourself, others and your world.

Choose an atmosphere that comforts and inspires

Worried you will have to sacrifice comfort or leisure by leaving your current home behind? Retirement communities understand your need to design accommodations that not only support your desired lifestyle but also inspire you. Choose between spacious or minimalistic living quarters; from light and bright to more quiet and serene; or from warm to cooler room settings. Residents of retirement communities also benefit from increased security and emergency response teams to help you feel more secure in your new home and surroundings.

Plan for your future with a continuing care community

Once you have established yourself in your new community, chances are you will enjoy it so much you won’t want to change homes again. Looking toward the future, it is important to keep in mind a retirement community that also offers you the benefits of continuing care. Advancing age brings new health issues and challenges that may require added help. Couples often require different levels of care at the same time. Some communities, such as Pennsylvania’s StoneRidge Poplar Run, offer all the levels of care that you may need including independent living with both apartments and cottages, personal care and skilled nursing.

Choose a continuing care community that has experience you can trust

Give yourself peace of mind by selecting an established, experienced community to make your own.

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