7 ways your company can improve communication

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One of F&M Trust’s featured business partners is Graphics Universal Incorporated.

In today’s digital world, businesses and organizations of all types and sizes are expected to deliver content across multiple channels. Your organization not only needs to educate, inform, and excite your intended audience, you also have to facilitate the information flow in all directions.

Graphics Universal understands this new paradigm, the challenges associated with it, and the opportunities it presents for organizations. Whether your business is looking to take its print communications to the next level or to develop a digital storefront to facilitate its internal information fulfillment needs, Graphics Universal is your go-to partner for achieving your most important communication goals. Here is how they help their client’s strategies come full-circle:

1.Content development and editorial. Remember learning about the Who, What, Where, When, and Why’s in grade school? Content development utilizes just that. Providing content that interests your audience and understands their needs is critical. It allows you to give the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

2.Digital storefront development. Just as customers window-shop at storefronts downtown, consumers browse products and services on websites. It is critical to have your “digital store” stand out and meet the wishes of your consumer.

3.Interactive print. Imagine being able to change the color of the smartphone you are looking at in a magazine or having an airbag inflate out of a print ad for a motor vehicle. These things are possible with interactive print, which truly make you rethink the ways of print advertising.

4.Marketing campaigns. Multiple channels of advertisements are needed for a successful marketing campaign. From billboards and murals, to direct mail–all of these can be unified to create successful marketing campaigns.

5.Print and direct mail. The United States Postal Services created an affordable direct mail solution that allows you to target your advertising campaign by age, income, or household size. This can be extremely beneficial for retailers, service providers, non-profit organizations, and more. How? It can allow you to dive deep and communicate with only the specific consumers that you want to target.

6.Translation and localization. Expand your campaign to run worldwide. Translation and localization services allow your business to operate and communicate effectively anywhere in the world! You can translate your technical manuals, ad campaigns, training materials, and more with this service.

7.Unified print, social media, and direct mail solutions. Whether you are looking for total market coverage or a more targeted mailing campaign, print and social media marketing cover it all. Transform your ideas with these forms of communication and excite your desired audience.

F&M Trust is proud to be a part of the continued growth and success of many Central Pennsylvania businesses. One of F&M Trust’s featured business partners is Graphics Universal Incorporated.

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