Jefferson Awards | Patricia Sypniewski


This month we recognize an outstanding member of our community.

She’s a woman who retired – and instead of sitting back and relaxing —decided volunteering would be much more rewarding.

When most might have an eye on the easy chair, Patricia Sypniewski took retirement to a new level.

She went to work helping to start a food bank at Prince of Peace Church in Steelton.

Patricia helped establish ties with Penn State Milton Hershey to provide health screenings and healthy eating tips.

Doing all that and making grant proposals – most people would’ve stopped there. But not Patricia.

“I still wasn’t satisfied with just that so I got involved in Meals on Wheels, which I think is an amazing program because not only to do we feed people, we get to check on them every day," she says.

Patricia's daughter Danielle recognized her mother's selflessness, and nominated her for the Jefferson Community Service Award. She says it's for more than just her volunteering, it represents her "never stop" attitude, ready to help any day, any time.

"There’s times at home when she’s dog tired and she’ll get a call from an agency that someone needs food in an emergency and tired as she is, she gets up off of her chair and gets them the food and that’s a regular occurrence," says Danielle.

Patricia says, "you just make time. I don’t think there’s any key to it, everyone that comes here is the same way, they decide it’s something they want to do and they just show up and do it.”

Just show up and do it.

Patricia sets an example for anyone who wants to help others.

“Oh, I’m extremely proud," says Danielle. "I know she doesn’t like to have the light shined on her but I felt strongly about what she does and I wanted her to be recognized.”

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