Jefferson Awards | Jordan Smith

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This week’s Jefferson Award for Community Excellence goes to an amazing young man who’s turning the high school scholarship spotlight on music.

After graduating New Oxford High School in 2017, he took it on himself to honor two great teachers by establishing a scholarship program for musical and orchestral excellence.

Jordan Smith loves music and continues to honor his music background at his alma mater.

A busy college student, Jordan formed a scholarship program honoring his two teachers – Sharon Mack and Marcia Knorr – two people who struck the right chord.

“I play violin as well as sing, so Miss Mack was my teacher since seventh grade and Miss Knorr since ninth grade – my freshman year – and I don’t know how to put into words. There’s always a voice there when you need someone to listen. It was my honor to serve last year as their officers and it means so much to me to do this for them now," said Jordan.

"We were very honored and one thing as a teacher, the thing that’s most important to you, is the impact you have on your students. I think one of the best things these students have done is, now they’re going to have an extraordinary impact on for years to come on the other students at New Oxford High School," said Knorr.

“I did it because I have a love for music, I grew up here and I was always dedicated to the music department here," said Jordan. "I mean there are sports scholarships, academic scholarships and I just wanted to create something for a place that I was dedicated to and passionate about.”)

Last year’s scholarship recipients are also helping Jordan for one good reason.

It's hard for scholarship recipient Audree Shue to sum Jordan up in one word. "I think with Jordan, everything he did from the heart, and that's why we're friends."

"I couldn't have done it without all my other hands here contributing back and forth," says Jordan. "I'm just glad we were able to do this in the first place."

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