Jefferson Awards | Angela Cook


This month we’re proud to award Angela Cook with the Jefferson Award for Outstanding Community Service.

Angela is known by so many – loved by so many – and her dedication to giving back to her community goes above and beyond.

“I facilitate a grandparent raising grand children support group, I facilitate a PTSD support group, I run a young male at risk support group, I'm a foster mother," says Angela Cook.

To hear all of what Angela does – you’d think she has a time machine – or can be in two places at once.

Angela helps so many people through some of the toughest times in their lives, addiction, loss, and hardship.

Angela has changed lives—and saved lives – all done out of the goodness of her heart.

“She has her hands in everything, she’s the real deal, grass roots," says Mishelle Moyer, one of Angela's coworkers.

"Angela is our star player," says Medard Kowalsi, of Medard's House. "She can get things done, no obstacle is too difficult for her. She has worked tirelessly for this community."

In Angela's tireless work – you find the theme of love over and over.

“I’m a woman in recovery. And I have had three, four, ten, fifty chances where people poured love into me," she says.

“I was able to work on myself and find a purpose. I started pouring love into what was hurting us then I started looking around and saw that our community could love others in our community. And I saw this amazing change in our society and our community here. It’s contagious."

No one could happier that Angela is receiving the Jefferson Award – than her colleagues.

"I’m more than happy for her, I’m honored just to be a friend of hers," says Angela's friend Lisa Greenlee. "Absolutely she has blessed this community."

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