Doc Talk | Spike in hand injuries during the summer


Summer is in the air, but one thing you may not think about when you're out enjoying the weather is hand injuries.

As we get further into the warmer months, doctors say hand injuries tend to spike. From mowing the lawn to fireworks, doctors say now is the time to be even more aware.

Dr. Sharma is an Orthopedic Surgeon who knows first-hand that this type of injury is more common than one would think. Summer months bring more activity, which in turn means greater risk for injury to the hand.

"There is an increase in incidents over the summer and that's due to multiple factors," Dr. Sharma said. "Especially with sporting activities, so we tend to see more sporting injuries."

Sharma says these types of hand injuries tend to be less severe.

"Sports related we see overuse injury, so a lot of tendinitis," Dr. Sharma said.

With longer daylight hours and warmer days there is a greater use of electrical equipment -- this sparking the increase with injury.

"So construction work, table saws, chainsaws, lawnmowers all these different factors do contribute to hand and upper extremity injuries," Dr. Sharma said.

Which could be extreme if one is not extra cautious when using the equipment.

"That's where we tend to see the more severe injuries to the fingers especially where people may amputate whole or part of their finger," Dr. Sharma said.

A doctor’s attention is needed immediately in this case. But not all get help for less severe injuries. It may not be wise to let that bruise go without medical care.

"I always tell folks if you some discomfort that's lingering or have any concern talk to your primary care doctor," Dr. Sharma said.

As for preventative measures this summer, there are things to keep in mind for those using that new tool for the first time.

"If you are using heavy equipment like lawnmowers or table saws know how to operate them, read the manual and know about the emergency stops," Dr. Sharma said.

Dr. Sharma also noted with Fourth of July right around the corner, to use common sense and caution when handling fireworks. There tends to be more hand injuries during the holiday.

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