Doc Talk | Preventing accidents and injuries during the holidays


The holiday season usually means spending time with family--

but between changes in the weather and decorating for the holidays -- it can also mean injuries.

Doctors say falls are some of the most common injuries putting people in the hospital.

But the number of people falling and getting into car crashes are just some of the things that spike this time of year.

During the holiday season, we think of cheer and merriment.

But it can also include dangers, like tall ladders when decorating trees, slipping on ice snowblowers, and drunk drivers.

“We see electrical emergencies, folks putting up the lights. If you’re not familiar with electricity or wearing gloves,” says Devin Flickinger, EMS at Geisinger Holy Spirit

Those who work in the medical field say this time of year they see it all.

“Don’t drink and operate a snow blower, that’s one thing. When you’re on it, don’t ever use your hand to clean out the shoot,” says Dale Dangleben, Trauma Medical Director

Hands chopped off from snow blowers, electrocution from Christmas lights, and most commonly drunk driving crashes and falls.

Each fall is different, but all should be handled the same way

“If they did fall, keep them in one position, to where when we get there we can assess them,” says Flickinger

Of course, doctors say don’t drink and drive.

There are plenty of options now thanks to services like Uber.

But no matter the task at hand, shoveling snow navigating the roads or hanging lights they say do things in pairs.

“Putting up decorations, putting up a ladder. What I would say with the use of ladders is I would say that’s a two or three-person job in terms of stability and things like that,” says Dangleben

In almost any one of these incidents the best thing to do is call 911

But most importantly, doctors say decorate, drive and shovel snow with other people, just in case.

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