Doc Talk | Monitoring heart medication

Heart disease impacts many lives across central PA and now, more than ever, doctors are raising awareness about heart medications and the importance of monitoring your prescriptions.

"Even though we are advancing it's getting more confusing," said Dr. Aditya Sharma, a Cardiologist at Geisinger Holy Spirit.

Medical science continues to advance and so do the variety of heart medications: "Those these have been all effective it depends on which patient requires which medication," said Dr. Sharma.

Dr. Sharma says it begins with communication.

"Having a good relationship with your doctor where you actually sit down and talk about the need for each medication," he said.

Not only understanding the need, but the interactions with other medications that should be addressed.

"You may see a doctor and they prescribe you with a medication, if they don't know all the other medications you're on, you are more prone develop interactions," said Dr. Sharma.

Heart medications tends to be more complex since it is a complex and vital organ.

"The time that they use these medications, the dosages all vary as well, so it's a very individualized and tailored approach that we need take for our patience," explained Dr. Sharma.

With the proper communication between the patient and doctor or whoever's caring for them, Dr. Sharma says the results can be more positive.

"But at what point do we work with our patient to say diet and lifestyle plus medicine or just diet and lifestyle, diet and lifestyle obviously always going to be a part of the equation," said Dr. Sharma.

On Monday at 4 p.m., Geisinger Holy Spirit will host an event at the Dillsburg Library highlighting the ways you can better understand your heart medication.

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