Doc Talk: Keeping a healthy heart

Doc Talk: Keeping a healthy heart

It's easy to fall off the bandwagon of going to the gym regularly.

It happens to the best of us.

For those with cardiac issues, it isn't that easy.

That's why doctors at Holy Spirit push their cardiac patients to participate in cardiac rehab programs to make sure those hearts keep beating without any problems.

A steady workout makes for a steady heartbeat.

That's the number one recommendation.

Holy Spirit Cardiac Rehab Nurse Manager, Kathy Thumma said," To get them back to their normal strength and endurance and actually increase."

For patients with cardiac issues,cardiac disease is something that doesn't ever go away.

That's why Holy Spirit has designed this cardiac rehab program for patients who have had their heart attacks, stents, by pass surgery or a transplant.

Kathy Thumma said, "Some come twice a week, some three, and now we've had some patients that are really eager to finish the program and get back to work."

All in all, most patients visit the Carlisle location and the location at Holy Spirit Hospital somewhere between 24 and 36 times.

Participants are taught to use the equipment and wear a heart monitor throughout their hour-long visits so nurses can track their workouts. Most start the program within a week or two after a cardiac event.

And the hope is that this program is just the beginning.

"If they do stop doing what they're trained to do here, within about 2 weeks they lose everything that they've gained physically 07 and are back to square one."

Doctors and nurses say after a cardiac event, their needs to be more rehab and exercise. There needs to be a lifestyle change.

The nurses involved in the program communicate with the doctors to let them know if they find anything or regular with the participants' heartbeats during their workout.

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