Doc Talk | Holiday heart syndrome

It's a joyful time for many, but the holidays can also add a lot of stress, especially to your heart. It's a common condition called holiday heart.

"There are more admissions for heart failure following the holidays," said Dr. Aditya Sharma, a cardiologist at Geisinger Holy Spirit. "The holidays can be a time of indulgence."

Whether eating too much or drinking too much. We tend to push our hearts to the max this time of year.

"Over consumption or excessive consumption of alcohol has its own problems," said Dr. Sharma.

Drinking too much over the holidays could lead to arrhythmia, which Dr. Sharma notes is an irregular heartbeat.

"Folks can feel their heart racing uncontrollably and not stopping they can also feeling light headed or dizziness because of this," said Dr. Sharma.

Chest pain is also a possibility.

"You can't pinpoint who is going to get holiday heart syndrome," explained Dr. Sharma.

But it doesn't stop there, Dr. Sharma brings up dangers of eating salty holiday foods: "Folks that have congestive heart failure have been asked to reduce their salt intake, folks with high blood pressure as well."

And don't forget the weather. Cold conditions could put some people at risk for a heart attack.

"Cold air itself and exposure to it can predispose to you to developing blood clots in the heart leading to heart attacks," said Dr. Sharma.

A simple tip: try not to over do it this holiday season.

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