Doc Talk | Helping breast cancer patients recover

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Geisinger Holy Spirit is offering a program for women who have breast cancer and are recovering after cancer surgery.

This program goes beyond the standard treatments.

"We want the women back to their full functioning," said Kelli Scurfield, a physician assistant at Geisinger Holy Spirit.

It's called the Moving For Life Cancer Wellness Program. It takes breast cancer patients to the next level of a successful recovery.

"To offer a well rounded program that's looks at all aspects for the women, for the survivors," said Scurfield.

According to research, dancing is a form of therapy that will improve quality of life and speed up recovery time.

"So there is an established program for cancer survivors that works on specific movements and utilizing anatomy knowledge, physiology the things we know our patients need," said Scurfield.

Scurfield states the better the patients feel about themselves the better they will take care of themselves: "so this program is going to work on range of motion the chest and arms, movements that facilitate lymphatic drainage."

They also work on balance, which might of been impacted by chemotherapy treatments.

"Helping with fatigue, strengthening, depression, moods," said Scurfield.

A number of areas can be assisted after battling a tough disease.

"The women feel good about the program and have fun, but also feel better physically," said Scurfield.

The program runs six weeks at a time and is offered at Geisinger's Mechanicsburg office.

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