Doc Talk | Fitness tips for New Year's workout regimen


It’s one of the most common New Year’s resolutions every year: lose weight and get in shape. But it can seem daunting and we often lose sight of that resolution within a few weeks or months. Before you overwhelm yourself and quit, doctors say there is a safe way to build the habit so it sticks.

If you ask Dr. Michael Werner about starting a new fitness plan, the first thing he’ll tell you is the three C’s: core, cardio and calories.

“What you’re trying to do is build habits that you’re going to use going forward for a long time, not just a couple weeks,” said Geisinger Holy Spirit orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Werner.

He says that begins with strengthening your core, though most of us don’t usually think of that as a starting point.

“If all you do is go to the gym and do curls for the girls and try to pump up, but your core is weak, you’re going to have a lot of injury,” said Dr. Werner.

Injury could lead to falling off the wagon and quitting altogether. So step one is core. Step two is cardio, and make sure to ease into it.

“You’ll be encouraged if you start very slow and then slowly increase too because then you’re rewarded by seeing and feeling better 05 you should be leaving the gym feeling invigorated, not feeling like you just got beat up in a back alley somewhere,” said Dr. Werner.

Step three is calories. Dr. Werner say the easiest way to cut calories is to cut back on sugar.

“Less sugar, less empty calories, the better you’ll feel and the better you’ll do with your workouts too.”

Dr. Werner also stresses the importance of not overdoing it and taking rest days for your muscles to recover. He also suggests mixing up workouts to avoid getting bored.

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