Your Next Job meets Dirty Jobs

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The man behind "Dirty Jobs" is on a crusade to get more people dirty, and employed.

Mike Rowe recently brought that crusade to Hershey, and our job expert, Joel D. Smith met him there.

According to Rowe, Your Next Job doesn't have to be a dirty job, but it also doesn't have to be a dream job.

He's almost got the look trademarked, the hat, the jeans and the smile. Rowe has the look of a blue collar hero, and when he was young, he thought he might turn out that way, like his grandfather.

"I'll be able to grow up and build a house without a blueprint, but I can't," Rowe said.

Dirty Jobs can also be happy jobs

After some 300 dirty job episodes, including some in our area (Seltzer's Meats and Wertz Candies), Rowe is the number one fan of Blue Collar America, and he thinks the workers' attitudes is what made the show a hit.

"They were expecting drudgery right on the heels of difficulty," Rowe said. "But in truth, what we found over and over again and again was amazing humor."

What he's not laughing about is what he calls the "skills gap" in our country now. Rowe says 5. 8 million jobs are available, with 70 percent of them not requiring a four-your degree, but all of them require training.

Stop looking for your dream job

We told him about the #YourNextJob series, and he's encouraged the word is getting out about so many jobs that pay well, without the burden of college loans.

However, he takes it a step further, and says the secret to success is to "stop" looking for your dream job.

"Look around and see where everybody's going, then go the other way. Find the thing to do, most people don't want to do and get good at it, and then figure out a way to love it. Then you win, Rowe said.

Putting money where your wrench is

The Mike Rowe Works foundation now rewards great work ethic with scholarships to trade schools. So far they've awarded $3 million in grants. He calls it a general "Stop being stupid" campaign, with a steady dose of hope, and reality.

"Just because you're passionate about something doesn't mean it will happen, and if you love something it won't always work out. and that's okay. That's kind of the fun of figuring it all out," Rowe said.

Rowe was in Hershey on May 18 speaking to the PA Chamber.

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