Your Next Job: Local company prepares for snow year-round

Your Next Job: Local company prepares for snow year-round

There are hot jobs, and then there are jobs where it's hot. Ames in Camp Hill is a place that will have you preparing for the snow year round in 90 degree heat!

The company founded in 1774 is looking to add at least 30 people to its growing staff. These are mostly assembly line positions. Manufacturing manager Marc Gualtieri says, “It is a physical job. Some manufacturing experience is great, but not necessarily needed. We do on the job training. Whether you are making a shovel, rake, or hoe, you are putting something together.”

How many?

CBS 21’s Joel D. Smith thought he was ready to take on the snow shovel assembly line. Then he heard workers are expected to make around twelve hundred shovels a day. The working conditions are very hot because another part of the vast plant forges hot steel into hard shovel blades for gardening and industrial work. Ames sounds ready to battle for your business. Gualtieri says, “It’s really competitive. We are finding that any signs of a recession in this area are far gone.”

How much?

Gualtieri says hourly wages start between $13.50 and $17.00 an hour depending on operator class.

Here are a few perks as well:

  • MATCHING 401(K)

Yet for all this…remember that you’ll be sweating it out, like it’s the middle of Summer, all year long.

To apply for this job or the others we are highlighting the week of Sept. 12-18 click here:

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