Your Next Job: Your keys to a rewarding career

Your Next Job: Your keys to a rewarding career

Your "Keys" to a rewarding career

When you ask 96 year old Irene Miller what she likes most about "Cross Keys Village" she doesn't hesitate. Miller quips, "I don't have to worry about cutting the grass! Or shoveling snow."

Those are two perks of the retirement community in New Oxford, Adams County, but what about the benefits of working here for #YourNextJob ? Working as a nurse at a place like this is very different than a traditional hospital. Balinda Hunt has been a nurse here for 23 years. She says, "I am their daytime nurse 5 days a week and sometimes more. I work with them I know all their quirks their preferences, their families."

With that familiarity however, comes emotions that are deeper in every way. Hunt admits, "It's very tough. You cry. You cry right along with the family sometimes. I cry when the families aren't there. I keep a memory book."

Hunt accepts that eventuality, by embracing each day. On the day we were there, we had the opportunity to sit and chat with Irene about politics. The first election she voted in was 1940. (Her candidate didn't win) Miller says, "I've voted for lots of losers". She also gave us her reluctant choice of who she is voting for this time around. That conversation now has more than four thousand views on Facebook!

Nurses are in high demand right now. There's even a signing bonus at Cross Keys.

  • Evening shift RN -- Average salary = 55K $8,000 signing bonus
  • Evening shift LPN -- Average salary 40K $5,000 signing bonus

There are other positions available as well.

For example in the food service area, workers begin at $9.05 an hour.

To apply for this job or the many others highlighted Sept 12-18, you can go to

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