Use ‘panestaking’ precision in Your Next Job

CBS 21

It’s an improvement many homeowners are thinking about right now -- replacing their windows.

What would it take for you to consider that to be your next job?

With just one morning of work, you’ll notice how tough the gig is, despite the enticing perks.

Some jobs require strength and others require skilled craftsmanship.

Installing windows at Renewal by Andersen requires both.

You’ll also need to be an outgoing, self-motivated individual.

But beyond a good attitude, applicants need to be up on their certifications, while they pass a background check and a drug test.

But what about the pay?

The average salary of a certified installer for Renewal by Andersen is at least $60,000 dollars. Installers get paid per job, so every day means a new opportunity to make money.

The gig is does mean working all year long though, both on the hottest and coldest days of the year.

Those looking to escape those extremes, however, can look forward to yearly trips to places like Aruba and Cancun, which are offered by the company.

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