Nuts for donuts? Your Next Job could be tasty

CBS 21/Joel D. Smith

Are you someone who goes nuts for donuts? There might be a hole in that theory if you can't work fast enough on the assembly line.

When you think about donuts, usually it comes down to your taste buds and your tummy.

Yet it could be your arms and back that you'll be noticing more if Your Next Job is working at Maple Donuts in York. Joel D. Smith was recently able to check out how fast you have to be and how fast you can move up the ladder.

The smell when you walk into the corporate headquarters on Market Street is overwhelming, and in a good way. A deliciously good way.

That is one of the benefits of working at Maple Donuts and you are also encouraged to take a few bites for taste testing (as long as you leave the production floor first).

Fast and fresh

Maple Donuts spokesperson Luke Burnside says there are many positions open right now, but speed is a factor on who gets to keep those entry-level positions.

"You have to be quick, with good hand-eye coordination," Burnside said.

Joel D. learned that first hand when trying to keep up at the conveyor belt. It made him feel a bit dizzy as the countless treats relentlessly kept rolling his way. He said, "Usually it's just two people doing this job right? Because of me, they need three."

Hey batter batter

Entry level workers start with the batter, and yes it matters. Holding the "Fryer Watcher's" stick is an important job, where you literally watch every donut in the fryer. The job is to flip over the rogue circles that don't want to turn and get cooked in the oil completely.

This is one of the hottest locations in the building. Workers have to stand next to nearly 400 degree heat while closely watching the donuts float by.

Seeing conveyor belts in your dreams

Joel D. says his arms and back hurt, but that's not unusual. Burnside has had every job in the factory.

"You are going to be using muscles you haven't been used to using, you'll be getting used to those muscles and after a couple days you'll build up a tolerance for that," Burnside said.

This can be a mentally tough job, simply because it seems so simple. However the constant moving of the donuts down the line might stick with you. Burnside admitted for a while he say conveyor belts in his dreams.

Yet as tough, or tedious as it seems, many people keep this job for years.

"Yeah, we have brothers and sisters, second and third generation bakers, moms and dads, husbands, and wives, we have it all," Burnside said.

Work fastmove up faster

Plant workers start at an average of $10 an hour plus benefits, with pay increases after 90 days, or maybe even sooner.

"We'd like to move up our employees very quickly. we have managerial positions we'd like to fill. We start everyone at the bottom and then move them up and always promote from within," Burnside said.

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