RAW VIDEO | 95 mph straight line winds tear through Clay Township

RAW VIDEO | 95 mph straight line winds tear through Clay Township

Surveillance video captures chairs flying, a wheelbarrow being tossed nearly 100 yards outside a hardware store in Lancaster County.

Straight-line winds up to 95 miles an hour tore through Clay Township and the surrounding area this past Saturday, knocking down, trees, tearing off roofs and picking up and tossing anything light and not nailed down.

At Key Aid Ace Hardware on W. Main Street, surveillance video caught much of the wrath, video of plastic chairs being lifted and tossed back and forth, a door broken off the frame, even a heavy wheelbarrow catapulted up into the air.

"It just kind of came out of nowhere" says Elliot Pfautz, who works at the hardware store and was inside when the storm blew through.

Pfautz has lived in the area his entire life and says he's never seen anything like he did on Saturday. Neither have nearby neighbors

We found Barry Whitcraft cleaning up his front yard Monday afternoon, chopping up wood after not one but two of his trees got pushed over by the wind.

"Before I went in the basement I looked out and it was just white" says Whitcraft.

The good part: nobody was hurt.

The bad part: waiting in expectation for another storm to come this week.

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