Our guest Meteorologist Joe Bastardi’s Winter Prediction


One person who is never shy with his opinion is Weatherbell Meteorologist and Penn State Alum Joe Bastardi. He stopped by the CBS 21 Weather Center to share his thoughts on the upcoming Winter.

He didn’t hold back saying, “I think it’s going to be a long cold winter overall.”

So I asked him how he come up with that. He uses “analogs,” looking at past seasonal weather and trying to find something similar. Mr. Bastardi said the two closest analogs are 2002-03 and 2009-10. He went on with his thoughts.

“If you blend all these together, you wind up 2-3 degrees below avg and 40-60 inches of snow,” he predicted.

And when does all this fun start?

Without hesitation Joe said, “I think your going to start seeing threats for snow in November but run from Dec to Early April this year.”

But what about some breaks from the cold and snow?

“Any thaws that come aren’t going to be like last winter lasting 2-3 weeks. This year much less extended,” He said.

And Joe’s definition of good winter may not be everyone’s definition. “You know a good Winter for a snow lover like me is lots of snow, just keep bringing it. But that may be a bad winter to others.”

And that is the age old debate. Snow is beloved by some, hated by others!

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