Proudly Pennsylvanian | Miss Jackie


Miss Jackie, as the kids like to call her, was born and raised in Harrisburg, where she’s served as a school crossing guard for the last 37 years.

Community members say she is part of what makes Harrisburg such a great place to live.

Every week, Miss Jackie wakes up extra early and rides the bus at 7 a.m. to cross kids on their way to Camp Curtin Academy.

"I ride by here basically everyday and I see Miss Jackie out her doing her job. Rain, sleet, snow, sunshine... she's out here no matter what," says Clyde Anderson.

Debbie Sanders, another Harrisburg resident, says "some of the staff at Camp Curtin were like, 'she crossed me!' They were like in their forties, they were like 'That's Miss Jackie...she crossed me.'"

Her dedication to her kids has caught the attention of the entire Harrisburg Community.

"She's a great person for Harrisburg," says Anderson. "The kids look up to her. This corner would not be the same without her."

Her son says even her motherly instincts translate into her work as a crossing guard.

"Sometimes kids come to school with their shoes untied, their nose might be running. She will stop and take a few minutes to tie their shoes and wipe their nose so they can go to school," says Kevin Perry.

Even when Miss Jackie had a health scare a month back, she had one main concern.

"She's in ICU and she's worried about her kids," says Sanders.

After Miss Jackie's short stay at the hospital, she was right back to her corner crossing kids and keeping them in line on their way to Camp Curtain.

Some days Miss Jackie's job can be challenging. But at the age of 82, her family and friends say she shows no signs of slowing down or retiring.

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