Proudly PA | "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch" rock cover brings York band social media fame


YORK COUNTY, PA— York native Phil Freeman and his band Small Town Titans remade the Christmas classic, You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch.

The music video went viral bringing the local band new found fame.

Born in York to a concert pianist and a singer, it was only natural that Phil Freeman was drawn to music.

Freeman met guitarist Ben Guiles and drummer Jonny Ross while attending college at Lebanon Valley. Together they formed rock band Small Town Titans.

They’ve been playing together for 7 and a half years but it wasn’t until recently that they found fame.

Their rock cover of the Christmas classic You’re a mean One Mr. Grinch went viral.

“At this moment it is sitting at 25 million views on Facebook and it is about to hit 1 million on YouTube”, said Small Town Titans lead singer Phil Freeman.

Along with views, Small Town Titans’ Facebook likes and subscribers have skyrocketed. The viral video has even booked the band gigs across the country and garnered fans in Canada.

“Our booking agent has been telling us that we have a lot of demand. We’ve gotten some gigs out of that already and it’s pretty cool. It’s definitely going to lead to a very busy year in 2019 which we are not complaining”, Freeman.

Small Town Titans actually covered the song right before the Christmas Holiday last year.

“The first time we did that was at a Christmas party for a local radio station”, said Freeman.

However the rock cover did not immediately go viral. The band was putting together a music video of some of their songs and one of their investors had a bright idea.

“Our investor made the suggestion that we should do a Christmas song and we already had that in the can”, said Freeman.

Even with the bands new social media stardom, don’t expect them to go all Hollywood and move to L.A. or New York.

“It’s something about this area. It’s sort of ingrained in our name small town Titans. We are from small Pennsylvania towns in P.A. and we want to stay true to the name”, said Freeman.

If you would like to see Small Town Titans perform in person, the band has a gig New Year’s Eve at Blarneys in Mechanicsburg.

Freeman will also be teaching songwriting and vocal classes starting next month. To register you can go to

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