Proudly PA | The Farm Show Calving Corner


One of the newest and most exciting exhibits at the farm show is the Calving Corner.

The first heifer born at the Calving Corner this year was named Maggie. The audience got to name her.

Kids had wide eyes and surprised looks as they watched a cow give birth.

“There’s everything from excitement to awe... I’ve seen people with tears in their eyes," said Calving Corner Project Manager Miriam Miller.

“She licked the calf to get the hay off of it," said Xander Leibowitz.

“They use machines to milk the cows," said Maliah Anta.

As the Project Manager, Miriam Miller will assist and oversee 17 live births from four different farms at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

“It’s really important from our perspective because people are further and further removed from a farm," said Miller.

Although this is only the second year of the Calving Corner, Miller has actually been delivering cows since she was a young girl.

“My favorite job from when I can remember was helping my dad in the maternity pen delivering calves," she said/

Miller says growing up on a dairy farm taught her about animals and how they provide us with food. She says the Calving Corner is a way for kids that haven’t grown up on a farm to get that same experience.

“It looks like it’s shivering and it’s really cold and really weird for being born," said Xander.

If you would like to see a live birth, you can come to the Pennsylvania Farm Show or watch their live feed at

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