Project PA | A new twist in the Grace Packer murder investigation


We have an update on the Grace Packer murder investigation; the story of the young Pennsylvania girl who was abused, murdered and dismembered.

Her adoptive mother Sara Packer, and her mother's boyfriend, Jacob Sullivan, are charged with her murder.

But now, there's a twist in the case just days before jury selection gets underway.

Sullivan now says it was Sara Packer who was the mastermind behind Grace's killing in 2016; her attorney making the argument in Bucks County court last week.

This latest development comes after an earlier confession, recorded by police in January 2017, here prosecutors say Sullivan confessed to the killing.

It's been more than two years since Sullivan and Packer were charged with the murder of the 14-year-old girl.

After several delays, jury selection for their trial gets underway next week.

Both are facing a long list of charges including abuse of corpse, kidnapping, and criminal homicide.

Sullivan's facing the death penalty, and Packer may face the same fate.

That’s still undecided.

Grace's biological mother Rose plans to be in the courtroom as opening arguments are set to begin in early March.

“You can’t prepare for something that I know is coming," Hunsicker said.

"Because I know I’m going to see those pictures, the evidence is going to be right there in front of my eyes and there’s no way I can block it out. All these years I could block it out, I could tune out the images and stuff. But it’s going to be right there in front of me in March, and there’s going to be no way I can block it out," she added.

We plan to follow the case as it unfolds.

In the meantime, if you believe you or a member of your family have had an experience with the state's foster care system and want us to know about it, please let us know.

That number is 717-857-3613.


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