Worst toys to put under your tree this holiday season

worst toys.JPG

Police in Central Pennsylvania are urging parents to stop buying hoverboards, especially with Black Friday and the Holidays right around the corner.

But there are more toys to consider avoiding putting under your tree this season.

World Against Toys Causing Harm, known as"W-A-T-C-H" unveiled its annual list of worst toys for the holidays.

for superhero fans, Mattel's Wonder Woman sword can cause injuries, and the blades of Marvel's Spider-Man drone could lead to bodily harm.

Other items on the watch list include, Razor's Heel Wheels, Nerf's Zombie Strike Crossbow, and 'Slackline', a tightrope strung between two trees.

Fidget Spinners are another also popular item making the list. Officials say the toys cause a serious chocking hazard.

Pieces of the toy can break off and go into children's mouths. Officials say some children have ingested parts of the toy that needed removal

A recent study shows high levels of lead in two different types of fidget spinners as well.

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