UGI to provide natural gas for nearly 200 homes in Cumberland Co. neighborhood

UGI to provide natural gas for nearly 200 homes in Cumberland Co. neighborhood

UGI is celebrating an expansion in Cumberland County, breaking ground in Upper Allen Township.

The Canterbury Estates project will provide natural gas access to 174 homes. The GET (Growth Extension Tariff) Gas pilot program is part of a five-year, $75 million project and provides the service to homes and businesses that don't currently have it.

Residents in the area have been asking for the natural gas option for quite some time.

"For years we received calls from the residents at Canterbury Estates. Calls, letters, emails, requesting natural gas," says Steve Cook, Business Development Director at UGI.

Brenda and Gary Westcoat are one of the couples wanting to use natural gas for home heating and cooking. They'll soon be getting the resource.

"We were disappointed when we didn't have the option when we built the house because they didn't come on to our cul-de-sac," Brenda says.

"What the GET Gas program does is it eliminates that up front contribution, so you're not paying thousands of dollars upfront," says Joseph Swope, UGI Communications Manager.

UGI is running a prospective gas line through the neighborhood and resident pay for that main through a monthly surcharge of $54.95. Residents do have the option of paying that cost upfront.

Swope says the financial aspect of the program is over a 10-year period, and residents can opt to make the switch to natural gas over that time.

"It's always difficult for someone to convert as a group all at one time. People are moving, they just put in a new furnace, they're sending a kid to college, whatever the case may be," he says.

State Representative Sheryl Delozier praised the program.

"People asked for gas. People want to have that in their home and time and time again it was the expense that curtailed that request," she said at a groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday.

For those interested in the GET Gas program, click here.

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