Severe weather in eastern US causes tornados, blizzards and treacherous travel conditions

    People help push a car stuck during a snowstorm, Saturday, April 14, 2018. The National Weather Service predicts 9 to 15 inches of snow across a large swath of southern Minnesota including the Twin Cities before it's all over. (David Joles/Star Tribune via AP)

    GREEN BAY, Wis. (CIRCA/AP) - While much of the East Coast was pelted with heavy rain, high wind and tornadoes; another portion of the United States was pummeled by a blizzard.

    Blizzard Evelyn in Minnesota dumped nearly 15 inches of snow on prom night for high school students in a suburb of Minneapolis. The Forest Lake Fire Department opened its doors for teens to take pictures since the students could not take photos outside for what they called #BlizzardProm.

    For Wisconsin, Evelyn is the second-biggest snowstorm in the Green Bay area and registered 23.9 inches of total snow, according to WLUK. The station said storms had not produced this much snow since the late 1800s.

    In Michigan, roadways were referred to as "treacherous," according to a report by WPBN. The state saw mixed conditions ranging from heavy snow and sleet to ice from freezing rain.

    The tail end of the storm is likely to bring with it snow showers down to the central Appalachians.

    Downpours will continue to raise the risk for flash flooding from New Jersey to New England throughout Monday.

    In Boston, runners were battling rain and the cold. However, this is nothing new for runners of the Boston Marathon.

    Monday's temperatures in the 30s and rain and wind are similar to the 2015 race, which was just a few degrees warmer. In 2007, the area dodged the worst of a nor'easter that had organizers considering whether to cancel the race. Five races were run in the snow, most recently in 1967.

    Elite runners were each given an extra bib in case they decided to shed layers along the Boston Marathon course.

    Official bib numbers mark runners as official entrants and also serve to track them along the course. Top competitors are usually given a bib with their name on it instead of a number so fans can call it out as they cheer. This year, many of the runners kept that one on the inside and pinned their extra —with a number— to an outer layer.

    Organizers say they do this from time to time when the weather is bad or likely to change during the race.

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