New app 'Sarahah' could be dangerous for teenagers

New app could be dangerous for teenagers (Photo by Kendra Hall ABC 7).

A new app is drawing teenagers in. ABC 7 News spoke with a 15-year-old who says all her friends are on it, but it may not be safe.

The new app, Sarahah , is a way to send anonymous messages to someone.

"There are some hurtful things on here that they say to me but I kind of just shake it off cause I don't really mess with that negative stuff," said Chloe Harris, 15-year-old about to start high school.

She says some of her friends receive messages saying things like "you're ugly" and since the messages are anonymous, there are no consequences for the sender.

"Sometimes I get 'you're pretty' 'you're really nice' 'I like hanging out with you.' And sometimes it's like 'you have a really big butt' or people are messed up. It's just messed up and 'you should send nudes' a lot. 'I will rape you.'

Chloe's mother saw the app on her daughter's phone and thought other parents should be aware.

"There was one that said 'I really want to kiss you.' And I know they're teenagers, but the one that really stuck with me was 'I want to rape you.' That's when it just went all over me," said Stephanie Harris, Chloe's mother.

Stephanie Harris thinks this app is dangerous for young kids to be on.

"We're fixing to start school," said Stephanie Harris. "We talk about bullying all the time. As parents, technology is moving fast and our kids are very savvy. Sometimes as parents, we don't know everything that's out there."

She recommends other parents monitor the app.

"As everybody knows, there's movies out now about teenage bullying and suicides and no town or school wants to go through that, so this is just awareness more for me, for other parents to kind of realize," said Stephanie.

ABC 7 news reached out to Sarahah to see what they have to say about the app being a place for possible bullying, but did not get a response.

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