Couple's iPhone explodes, then catches fire near 3-month-old daughter in Southeast DC

Couple's iPhone explodes, then catches fire near 3-month old daughter in Southeast DC (ABC7) 

A Southeast Washington couple says an iPhone exploded on their bed while they were lying with their three-month-old daughter.

DC Fire & EMS says it responded around 2:45 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

Curtis Gilmore and DeAngela Miller say they both received minor burns from the explosion but the baby was unhurt.

“It could have been way worse than what it was,” Gilmore told ABC7.

Gilmore says he was holding the baby when the phone blew up near his arm and near Miller’s leg.

“We were just talking, and something went, ‘pow!’” Miller said. “And I bounced up and [screamed]. And I looked and the phone was on fire.”

ABC7 took video of the charred phone as well as a burn mark left behind on the bed.

Miller says the iPhone 6s Plus is owned by her brother, who ran and grabbed the phone and then threw it into the hallway outside the family’s apartment.

Miller says she called DC Fire & EMS, which says the fire was out by the time they arrived on the scene.

Miller and Gilmore say they called Apple about the situation but as of Thursday night had not received a response.

ABC7 reached out to Apple and received a call back. A spokesperson said the company takes something like this very seriously and promised the company will look into what could have caused the incident.

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