Women with breast cancer find support through Pink Hands of Hope

Written by: Sherry Christian

"Breast cancer is no fun!" That's a direct quote from a Central PA woman fighting the disease right now. But, Zumba is fun. A benefit class is helping a Cumberland County charity provide help and hope for women who need it.

Zumba is an exercise craze that works every inch of your body. But, a Zumbathon Glow Party in Mechanicsburg is putting the focus on one particular part of a woman's body, the breast.

The Zumbathon is also helping Brian Gaughan, who's wife is a breast cancer survivor, by helping provide help and hope through his thrift store 'Pink Hands of Hope.' "When she got better, we decided to make a difference by doing this and helping other ladies that are going through the fight."

It's helping ladies like Sherry Murlatt, who's diagnosis was completely unexpected. "The hardest part is when you think you're doing everything right. You're exercising, eating right, you don't smoke and then they tell you, you have cancer."

Sherry found support at Pink Hands of Hope. We caught up with her and Brian as she was surprised with even more, a check for $1,000 that Brian will use towards her expenses. "I'm very blessed to have people like what's happening today with Nancy and the Zumbathon, where groups are raising money and giving us money and we're going ahead and taking that money and adopting patients and paying out their medical bills." Brian says.

In just 10 months, Pink Hands of Hope has helped 10 women with their bills. Each one of them received $1,000. It's just one of many ways this organization is helping. The other way is what you see when you're at the store, customers buying clothing, furniture and other household items.

"And I need the public to come in and buy the stuff I have cause that is what is funding my ability to help the ladies who come in," Brian said.

For patients like Vicky Zarkin, who was told by her doctor three years ago that she wouldn't be alive today, this not only provides hope but takes the pain away as well. "People like Brian and Pink Hands of Hope that allow us to get from day to day cause this cancer thing is not fun. And you have this support system and all the sudden it doesn't hurt so much anymore."

Pink Hands of Hope is located at 5325 East Trindle Road in Mechancisburg, Cumberland County.
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