Visiting Angels is making a difference for moms this Mother's Day


As families celebrate moms' this weekend, many women who may be shut-in or live too far from children won't have the celebrations they deserve.

That's why an in-home elder care provider is giving clients extra love this week and making a difference for some local moms.

This isn't your typical visit from Visiting Angels caregivers to Beth Congreve's York County home.

As we head to Mother's Day, Visiting Angels offices in Central Pa will be showing their clients some extra care and love.

"Miss Beth is almost like a mother to me, I learned a lot from her,” says Mary Berko.

As a certified nursing assistant with Visiting Angels, Mary Berko is paid to provide care and support for Beth and for the last five years, she's been Mary's only client.

"I can't get up and walk like I used to, so she does all the running around for me and gets my meals and stuff like that." says Beth Congreve

But on this day, Beth is not just a client, she is a mother figure for Mary and visiting Angels Executive Assistant, Kristen Mills.

Both surprised Beth with a bouquet of flowers and basket of pampering.

"It's my way of feeling like I get to help people even though I may not necessarily be going into the home and giving care, but I know that I get to send out people that will treat them like family members,” says Kristen mills

"That's more than beautiful. There isn't a word in the dictionary that I can describe how wonderful that is -- Went to a lot of trouble and I do appreciate it very much,” says Congreve.

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