Making A Difference: Tri-County OIC's Family Literacy Program


Fore more than 50 years, the Tri-County OIC has been making a difference with services and programs to help families.

CBS21's Sherry Christian shows us one particular focus of the OIC, the Family Literacy Program, that helps get parents and children on the same page.

Since 1965, the staff has helped support out of school adults and their children with job placement, GED courses, vocational skills training and higher education preparation.

And while the kids play, the parents learn how to be the first teachers for their children.

The parents benefit, the kids benefit, the schools benefit because when the kids get to school they're ready to learn and the community benefits cause we're teaching the adults how to become good workers, good parents, good citizens.

One of the highlights of the OIC's Family Literacy Program is the Bookymobile.

And when it pulls up, it's like the ice cream truck...

The Bookymobile is a traveling trailer, it's not a lending library, the staff and the Booky Bee give away the books.

It travels to schools and communities thrilling young and old alike.

And they can always use donations, new or gently used books will be the gift that keeps on giving.

"Books are the best gifts to give for Christmas. Because you get to read them over and over again and they don't require batteries," said Executive Director Jeff Woodyard.

In its 51 years, the OIC has had several success stories.

In fact, they just celebrated another success in October with their graduation.

We hear from our students that they have kids and that they’ve shown their kids how important it is to stay in school and when we hear that, that's our success. The parents are teaching their kids how important it is to stay in school.
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