Making A Difference | The story behind Randi's Race


On Saturday, May 13th, the 2017 "Randi's Race" 5k will be held in memory and honor of Randi Trimble, a victim of domestic violence.

Randi's mom, Nancy Chavez, organized the fundraiser and awareness raiser for domestic violence, of which she and her daughter are both victims.

But being a survivor, Nancy uses her and her daughter's story to make a difference and hopefully save others from the heartbreak she's going through.

I caught up with Nancy in her Camp Hill home to interview her about Randi’s Race and Domestic Violence Awareness Month in May, which is why she holds Randi’s Race this month on Mother’s Day weekend.

Our conversation begins with the day her life changed forever.

Nancy says “I didn't know that when I walked off the plane at BWI, walked into a meditation room, somebody was going to tell me that Randi is dead - it's unbelievable!"

She was on a cruise when her only daughter was killed.

Friday, January 10, 2003 in her Camp Hill home, just three blocks away from her mom's home.

Nancy found out that Sunday when she arrived at the airport.

"It can happen to anyone. The neighborhood that I live and my daughter lives three blocks away... she lived three blocks away..."

Fourteen years later, she still refers to her daughter in the present tense.

And she still struggles to find the words to somehow verbalize the indescribable pain of not only finding out your child is dead, but that she was murdered.

A murder for hire set up by the person who had vowed to love, respect and protect her daughter.

"So when you look back on time, I live with the guilt of what could I have done differently to see the signs about Brian Trimble, that would show his diabolical mind and anything narcissistic about him, how he acted and what he said and what he did," says Nancy. "But you can't always detect that."

In fact, Nancy stood next to Brian Trimble in the weeks and months following Randi's murder comforting her son in law, promising him that they were going to find Randi's murderer.

Not knowing that Brian Trimble hired a co-worker, Blaine Norris to brutally murder his 28-year-old wife.

The convicted murderers are serving a life sentence in prison and that's all I'm going to say about them.

Nancy doesn’t like to talk about them much either, considering they’re alive and her daughter isn’t.

You live with it. There was a time after Randi was killed that I didn't want to live...

She still has good and bad days and Nancy figures she always will.

There's no getting over the murder of your only child.

But, since Nancy was also a domestic violence victim, she turned her grief into support for others.

“I kept it a secret for many, many years even after I was divorced," explains Nancy. "I never talked about my abuser, protected him for many years!"

After 7 1/2 years of abuse by her husband, Randi's father, Nancy's need to protect her and her daughter gave her the courage to leave her husband.

And two years after her daughter's death Nancy organized "Randi's Race" a 5K to raise awareness and money for Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland and Perry counties.

To date, more than $350,000 has been raised through “Randi's Race”.

And that money now supports, “Randi's House of Angels,” which provides therapeutic programs for children who are victims of domestic violence. It’s another "brain child" of Nancy Chavez in loving memory of the real child tragically taken too soon.

Nancy also co-authored a book with Lynn Shiner, Stabbed in the Heart, about the murders of their children.

She also talks to civic groups, churches, schools and other organizations about domestic violence.

She may change the words she uses when she’s talking to children, but the message always stays the same.

“It's about domestic violence, about being a victim of domestic violence, it's also about being a survivor of the murder of my daughter," says Nancy.

The 2017 Randi’s Race 5K kicks off at 9:00am at Adams Ricci Park in Enola, Saturday, May 13th. There’s a Children’s Race immediately before the 5K - always a crowd pleaser! And there will be food, games, face painting, arts and crafts and other activities for the entire family, as well as information on domestic violence services and support in the area.

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