Making a Difference | Special needs prom raises awareness


For people with disabilities, proms aren't usually a part of their high school memories.

And that's why a special dance was created by the Tim Tebow Foundation and churches around the country five years ago.

"Night To Shine" is happening at more than 655 churches simultaneously around the world Friday, February 8th.

I found out in 2016 how it makes a difference at a "Night To Shine" in Mechanicsburg.

"Night To Shine" Special Needs Dances happen all around the country this time of year thanks to the Tim Tebow Foundation.

I had the pleasure of attending one a few years ago at Capital Area Christian Church in Mechanicsburg.

It was the 2nd year the church transformed its pews for the special needs prom.

And they made sure no prom experience was left out -- from taking pictures to corsages and boutonnieres, crowns and tiaras -- even the dresses and suits were available.

Emily sanders says, "it feels really good to be here and seeing all the people I wanna see and hanging out and talk to them."

As for the man whose name is behind this effort- he had his own surprise and it all started with a phone call from the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Lori Cartmill with Capital Area Christian Church says, "They said well we're gonna come, we're gonna show up so we got 30 or so people together and started doing some finishing touches and he just showed up."

Memories made not only for these special folks, but for anxious moms and dads who have never had this experience before either.

Of the more than 650 churches participating in the "Night To Shine" spectacular -- 8 in Central PA are listed on the Tim Tebow Foundation website.

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