Making a Difference | Shiloh Church of God in Christ

Families all over Central PA are enjoying their gifts and spending time with family. And, thanks to a local church and community members, families who wouldn't have been able to enjoy those things are.

Last weekend, the Shiloh Church of God in Christ in Harrisburg gave away gifts and toys. It was part of the church's annual gift give and luncheon. But, members of the church and volunteers say the event is about so much more than giving gifts.

"I also think it makes a difference because they see the love and that's something a lot of people don't experience in their own personal lives," said Sharon Henderson, Vice President of the Shiloh Mission Department. "So, I think that's kind of how we're making an impact in our community."

Community business partners also helped to make that impact. There was a generous grants from Community Aid, cookies from Capital Blue Cross and food from Cram-Christian Recovery Aftercare Ministries, which helps inmates transition back into society.

"For this event they so graciously provided big bins of food for everyone and they're also giving them dairy, fresh meats, everything for every family we get a lot," said Henderson.

They group gives a lot, and gets back so much more in return.

"The people are doing it out of their hearts and the love of Christ. They doing it because they're not looking for recognition, they're doing it just to make somebody else's life a little bit better," said Pastor Kevin Scott.

The families are suggested by the school districts in the area, as well as the homeless coordinators and social workers, and it's truly making a difference.

"Many of them have said that they would not be able to provide gifts for their family or their children and so it really brightens their day and lifts their spirit to know that someone cares enough to share with them," said Clenistine Dunson, the Missions Ministry President.

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