Making a Difference | Mobile car wash for charity


A new mobile car wash trailer helps non-profits “work and work” to “keep those cars comin’” without running out of supplies.

Schools might be winding down for the summer, but for some students, the fundraising for their sport or organization doesn't end.

And one of the most popular summertime fundraisers is a car wash.

I found one that is making a difference!

The sounds of a car wash - right up there with lawn mowers, the crack of baseball bats, fireworks and children playing - as my favorite sounds of summer.

But if you've ever participated in one, you know how easy it is to run out of supplies.

17 year old Morgan Cooper, a Susquenita High School cheerleader knows first-hand. She says, "parents, players would have to bring their own soap sponges and we would run out and we would have to spare everything, with this it's so much easier we have everything we need."

The "this" Morgan is referring to is the Noaker’s/3m Supplies Non-profit Mobile Car Wash - the brain child of the owners of Noaker’s Auto Body.

And it is making a difference with the simple idea of including every tool and supply needed for a car wash in one trailer -- with a couple of exceptions.

Shelley Miller is the Business Manager for Noaker's Auto Body. She says with the trailer, you --"just insert water and of course the labor, the labor doesn't come with it they got to bring their own."

The only problem with the idea lately is there's been too much water - so to speak.

The weekend of June 2nd, was the first time the car wash unit was able to be used.

Because of all the rain this spring, car washes weren't the most popular of fundraisers.

Shelley Miller, "we do this to support the community. A lot of non-profit organizations are always looking for a way to make money and this makes it easy, it's all in one shop and they just haul it around to wherever they need to go."

But now, more organizations are signing up to take advantage of the free service.

That's right, it's free for charities - so they can make more money for their cause.

Definitely something to cheer about.

The Susquenita High School Cheerleaders will use the money raised from their car wash for their trip to Annapolis Maryland this Fall. They are cheering at a Navy football game.

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