Making a Difference | Mark's helping hands


Many of us can use a helping hand on occasion to do chores or to move to a new home - for example.

Because of that, a Lebanon County man is making a difference by providing his "helping hands" for people who can use them.

Peggy Nahodil may be 93-years old, but she does a pretty good job getting around her Lancaster County home.

It's what many of us think of as simple activities that give her trouble.

And that’s where 60-year old Mark Panassow comes in. Just one of many chores and odd jobs Panassow does for Peggy is loosening the caps on water bottles, so it’s easier for her to open the bottles.

It’s part of “Mark’s Helping Hands,” he started after retiring from Hershey Entertainment and Resorts two and a half years ago.

For Peggy, that includes doing laundry, cleaning windows -- and probably Miss Peggy's favorite activity - eating her Jimmy Dean breakfast that Panassow prepares for her.

Miss Peggy can pay, but not everyone can.

In fact, one woman called Panassow for chores needed around her home, but she couldn’t afford to pay him.

When Panassow called her back he asked her how much she can afford, she said nothing. He told her “I’ll be right over!”

It was a phone call from Panassow's daughter, Lindsey, who alerted me to how her dad is making a difference.

She called after her dad hit job number 500 recently.

"Everyday I'm getting up for work and he's already out the door. Whether it's driving somebody to an appointment, going to walk somebody's dog, clean the house, he's a really good extra set of hands that some people wish that they had and they just don't have”, said Lindsey.

Lindsey joined her dad on his next job - helping Joe DiBlasio move furniture at his Dauphin County home.

Being a retired oral surgeon, Joe can certainly afford to pay movers, but he wouldn't get the companionship he also gets from Mark.

"The biggest help was when my wife went into a home in Lititz. She has a memory problem and Mark helped me move there. We later transferred her to Country Meadows and Mark helped me move her equipment over to Country Meadows," said DiBlasio. “If we had more people like Mark in the world, it would be a better world.”

Through “Mark’s Helping Hands,” Panassow has now completed more than 600 "jobs" for folks, and still doesn't charge if they can't afford to pay.

Here’s how you reach Mark’s Helping Hands, LLC: 717-877-9244

And, here’s what it says on his business card:

Assisting Families, Seniors and Singles with their daily needs

Errands/Doctor Appointments/Airports

Household Chores/Housekeeping

Yard Work/Repairs/Maintenance

Pet Care/Moving Assistance

Light Snow Removal


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