Making a Difference | Genesis Home of New Beginnings

Home Sweet Home, it's more than a saying.

A home can also be therapeutic, especially to abused and neglected children.

Many young victims are removed from an abusive home, just to be place in a facility with strangers.

But a Central Pennsylvania woman has realized a dream of providing at least one positive thing in the life of girls who need it.

"Spring 2017, that's my goal. So, I've been here painting just preparing for the girls and I want it to feel as much like a home as possible," said Shonda McFadden.

That's been Shonda McFadden's dream since she can remember.

The York County teacher and social worker says she's always been a caretaker of children in various roles, but when her dad passed away in 2012 she put the wheels in motion to establish Genesis Home of New Beginnings.

Two years after that her aunt, who owns this home in York County, moved and told Shonda it's hers to use for the group home for girls.

"I called the township and they said we're able to. This house is actually zoned to be R-2 - Residential 2, so it could be a group home, church or another business," explained Shonda.

Once open, Genesis home of New Beginnings will house up to six girls ages 12-18.

Each child will be paired with a volunteer mentor who will help provide life skills, training and enrichment programs.

The way I want to go about our treatment plan, we want to provide a holistic approach to their healing instead of just medication and therapy. I feel like a home, love and the care that they need will provide that as well.

But in order to meet the spring opening deadline, Shonda and her family, friends and volunteers are feverishly painting walls, pruning trees and assembling bunk beds.

"This is the first bedroom and they're actually putting the bunk beds together right now."

And although Shonda didn't have to get the neighbor's permission since the property is already zoned for the use, she still let them know the deal.

"Because they wanted to know if these kids were criminals and mostly they're not."

They are just kids who need help, love and they need a home.
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