Making a Difference | Bessie's Best at the Farm Show

One of the statistics we're sharing from the Pennsylvania Farm Show is the amount of people in attendance. With a half-million expected to roam the halls of the show this week, it can be a source of stress for parents of young children.

That's how Bessie's Best from Cumberland County is making a difference.

For as far as the eye can see at the Farm Show, there are tons and tons to see, smell, taste and touch! But, to a young child, those fun distractions can lead to scary moments -- if child and adult get separated.

It can all get very overwhelming, making it a maze that could easily "swallow" a small child.

Linda Mapes is the Head of Lactation for Bessie's Best Lactation Cookies. She says a woman told them she got separated from her grandchild last year.

“It took about 15 minutes to find each other with lots of people showing pictures and that sort of thing. And the child said ‘I cried’ and the adult she cried. So it was a good experience to know that they have a little bit more security,” said Mapes.

The wristbands Mapes is talking about are the "Kid Kuffs." They are the purple bands you may see on children throughout the Farm Show.

Bessie's Best Lactation Cookies owner and founder, Jennifer Acuna, came up with the idea. It's part of a free, full-service booth in the Cameron Street lobby that provides changing stations, nursing rooms, a play area and the security of the "Kid Kuff".

Jenna Charles put one on her 5-year-old daughter Olivia and her friend's daughter Tori.

"It's so easy to have somebody just slip off or take an eye away to see hey there's the cow, there's a milkshake. Little ones especially are super drawn to anything new and exciting and it just gives a little security," said Charles.

Carinn Rush says she would use the Kid Kuffs on her sons Jamison and Grayson, and appreciates the ease of just writing a phone number or name on the band.

"Then if somebody picks them up and they can look at their hand and know who to call and what to do, yeah. Because they can't talk, they don't know - they're like I'm mom, they don't know my name," said Rush.

The 2019 Pennsylvania Farm Show ends Saturday, January 12 and Bessie’s Best will be there for families until the popular event closes.

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