Making a Difference | "A Hope to Dream" Bed Giveaway

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    A local home store is making a difference by providing a good night’s sleep for children.

    We continue our "21 Days of Caring" on this Friday with Ashley Homestore of Central PA's "A Hope To Dream" project.

    You can make a difference by giving kids a good night's sleep while they dream about sugar plums and Santa.

    Sarah Kneller is the Visual Merchandiser for Ashley Homestore of Central PA. She says, "It's thanks to our community because as you come in to look for furniture and a bed happens to be one of the things that you purchase, that money goes in to help build up a fund to provide beds for our children in need. So it's not just from our company, its from our community."

    And that fund is helping to provide free beds to two different local charities. Bell Family Shelter in York, and United Methodist Home for Children in Mechanicsburg.

    They will be distributed to their clients at the beginning of the new year, and will probably look at little something like the last giveaway to the children's home of York and Brethren Housing Association of Harrisburg.

    This time around, the beds will help a few dozen Central PA residents struggling with homelessness.

    And according to Marcella Kinard, Director of Shelter Services for Bell - that's anywhere from 32 to 65 people on any given night.

    Kinard says, "A lot of families when they come to us, they come with a bag of clothing per person and that's all that they have and own. So, in 30 days we may be able to help them to increase their income and find housing, but they're moving into homes with just the blankets and sheets that we gave them when they come in."

    Kinard adds that the average age of a homeless person in America is between 9 and 12 years, not necessarily the face people see when they think of homeless people.

    But the folks at Ashley Homestore of Central PA know all too well, after more than five years of doing this project.

    They have seen families heal through what many of us take for granted - a comfortable bed.

    What started out as a corporate program is now something that the owners and employees look forward to every year.

    Allison Gutierrez, Ashley Homestore of Central PA says, "The Homestores of Central Pennsylvania, we want to support our community and our owners are 125% behind that and doing whatever we can do to help somebody else. It's important to us, not just as a company, but throughout Central Pennsylvania with our three stores."

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