Donation provides Vista School with smart boards for students with autism


Smart boards are increasingly taking over chalk boards in classrooms as educators continue to use modern technology to educate our children.

But, smart boards are expensive, about $3,000 -$4,000 a piece.

Now, thanks to a $30,000 grant from the capital region Civitan club and Civitan international, that grant money will help the vista school - a private school in dauphin county for children with autism -- provide smart boards for 8 of their classrooms.

Ironically, focus is a challenge for many kids on the spectrum, so these computerized boards will truly make a difference.

Kirsten Yurich, The Vista School CEO says, "Capturing students’ attention who have autism can be really challenging and anything that makes learning more exciting, more engaging, more reinforcing, helps the teachers, therapist and students. And it helps the learning to be more accelerated for the students and that means they achieve their potential."

So, why Vista?

One of Ciivitan board members has autism and suggested the school with an enrollment of about100 students from 8 central p-a counties.

When the vista school opened in 2002, they had only 4 students.

We caught up with the members taking a tour of the school to see first-hand how their grant will make a difference.

Myles Miller, President-elect, Capital Region Civitan Club says, "We work with a lot of different organizations in addition with Vista to help them develop the skills and abilities, because no matter who they are no matter what walks of life they come from, no matter what challenges in life they're facing they can be a contributing member to our communities. We just have to provide the means to give them the skills to do that."

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