Yorktowne Hotel auction goers show up in hundreds, leave with thousands of items

    After months of planning, the auction at the Yorktowne Hotel is over. Brandi Proctor has been giving us glimpses of what the preparation has been like as this historic hotel gets ready to be revitalized. Lots of people have been able to load up and move out the pieces they've purchased.

    Maria Crawford came to the auction to get some pieces for her home.

    She says, "I spent about a $140, which I thought was well worth it! I was excited and very happy I've been bragging ever since."

    She was able to get some end tables, coffee tables and lamps. She was looking for a television but wasn't able to get her bid in on time.

    She says she was expecting prices to be a lot higher.

    Organizers say between 400 and 500 people attended the auction and bought tens of thousands of items.

    Lindsey Smith regularly goes to auctions with her brother and purchases items to resell. They plan to attend school and open their own auctioneer house soon.

    She was surprised to be able to get a historic piece for a steal, saying, "We were lucky, got it for 40 bucks, expected it to go for way more."

    For some, the auction was nostalgic, allowing them to take home a piece of history. Maria says she was surprised to read the list of all the famous people who occupied the Yorktowne. Ella Fitzgerald really peaked her interest.

    She says, "It was nice to have a piece of it and be able to keep it."

    Yorktowne Hotel to undergo renovations, auctioning historic items from insi de

    The Yorktowne Hotel went on the market in 2015.The York County Industrial Development Authority wanted to make sure it ended up in the right hands.Through community leaders and a ten million dollar state grant, they began the shutdown and liquidation proce

    The purpose behind the purchases were unique. A local care facility was refurnished thanks to the auction. One buyer was able to help his daughter open a restaurant with equipment he purchased here.

    Officials say they plan to start demolition later this summer, probably July or August. They say the lobby area will resemble the current Yorktowne but updated.

    The total amount of money brought in by the sale has not yet been calculated.

    The York Co Industrial Development Authority plans to partner with local non profit groups to get rid of the items that did not sell.

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