York Co. student killed in school bus crash, remembered for her life


A celebration of life ceremony was held today for 17-year-old Masey Dacheux. The Northeastern High School student died after crashing her car into the back of a stopped school bus. Family and friends tried to stay positive on this somber day. They focused on the person Masey was rather than the tragedy that took her young life too soon.

Family friend Amanda Richards had a hard time not smiling when recalling memories of 17-year-old Masey Dacheux.

“She was the most outgoing, loving kid that you would ever meet. Her middle name was Rae and it’s just so fitting because she was like a ray of sunshine”, said family friend Amanda Richards.

Northeastern High School Principal Matthew Gay says the loss of the bright, strong-spirited, young Masey has been felt throughout the school.

“It’s somber of course but the other thing we have seen is how our students have pulled together and formed community with each other”, said Northeastern High School Principal Matthew Gay.

However Masey’s parents have been hit hardest by this tragedy.

“Her parents are going to need people not just today and not just last week but six months from now," said Richards.

Richards says the outpouring of support has been a testament to the person Masey was and just how many lives she’s touched.

“They’ve never had a funeral at a school before, but she was such a loved student and the faculty loved her so much that they let her parents hold it here”, said Richards.

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